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Lauryn Hadlund
Lauryn Hadlund

Number of posts : 511
Age : 25
Registration date : 2008-08-17

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Name: Lauryn Elizabeth Hadlund
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PostSubject: Who's Who?   Who's Who? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 5:11 pm

Here is a list of everyone on Quality Temptations and what they are:

Administrators: The people you go to if there are any issues at all with the site, other people, rules, or roleplaying
-Lauryn Hadlund
-Matt Twyman
-Christabelle Whittle
-Melody Rouge
-Charles Monroe

Moderators: Talk to them if you need a thread locked, a post deleted, or are having a post/posting problem
-Tavaine Arnyth
-James Norris
-Roxannia Kaevan

Professors: Teachers; ask them for help in a class, if you want to enroll in a course, or you notice a house point problem
Lauryn Hadlund~Charms
Melody Rouge~Defense Against the Dark Arts
Matt Twyman~Divination
Christabelle Whittle~History of Magic
Tavaine Arnyth~Potions

Heads of Houses: Talk to them if you are having an issue with a person in your house, in another house, if there is an issue with the posts/posting in your house, or if you see a house point problem
Gryfindor~Melody Rouge
Ravenclaw~Tavaine Arnyth
Slytherin~Christabelle Whittle

Prefects: Talk to them about any in-house issue or ask them for homework help
Gryffindor~Charles Monroe
Ravenclaw~Roxannia Kaevan

Kago Ai (3rd Year)
Andi White (5th Year)
Roxannia Kaevan (6th Year)
Charles Monroe (7th Year)

Order of the Phoenix:
Matt Twyman
Melody Rouge

Death Eaters:
Lauryn Hadlund
James Norris
Roxannia Kaevan

Marie Thorn
Kago Ai
Andi White
Melody Rouge
Charles Monroe
Christabelle Whittle
Hunter Kortae

Lauryn Hadlund
Matt Twyman
James Norris
Roxannia Kaevan


Tavaine Arnyth (Fox Demon)

Registered Anamagi:
-Lauryn Hadlund (White Wolf)


I will continue to edit this as people shift around in their positions. Let me know if anyone is missing, you don't see a category that should be there, or if there is incorrect information up. Thank you.

Lauryn Hadlund,

"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
-Edgar Allen Poe, Eleonora, 1841

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PM me if you want to be a Death Eater; Let the Great War begin.
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Who's Who?
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